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My group is about everybody's favourite football head! That's right Ruth! No sorry I meant Arnold. Easy mistake. This group is the home to all fan-fic and fan-art about Arnold! Quit wasting your time and join our group football-head! Oh and if you don't know who Ruth is look her up on Hey Arnold Wiki. To get to HA Wiki search it in Google. Don't forget the most important rule: Submit fan-art, fan-fiction, don't let others judge your work, and have fun!

~Sincerely, The Creator

(a.k.a. HeyArnoldfan7734)
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Apr 8, 2012


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Move it football-head! :D


All the latest stalkers. Rejoice.
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Journal Writers

My Hey Arnold Chatroom will be opening tonight at 11pm Eastern, 10pm Central, and 8pm pacific. You can talk about everything from Arnold skirt to Operation Ruthless. :)
For those who don't know, Opruth is a fan community that has been around since 2011. People all over the world had built it with passion and love. Today is a remarkable day because yesterday the 15k petition has been printed and sent out to Cyma_Zarghami (President of Nick)

Here was the cover Letter :iconkaterinehowardrose: has written, we sent this to Cyma_Zarghami along with the petition. (Excuse the fact that it's formatted oddly. DA is sucking right now LOL)

TJM Petition Cover Letter

To whom it may concern,

Fans from all over the world have gathered together in celebration of the Hey Arnold! television show.  This cartoon from the 90s has inspired a wide range of age groups to band together and share creative works based on the cartoon.  In 2009 a large portion of these fans created a group on Facebook, celebrating their love for the show, and their desire to see the second movie completed.  The group affectionately refers to the second movie as “The Jungle Movie.”  From such humble beginnings, the group has swelled its ranks to over twenty-three thousand members, and has received global attention from fans across the internet.

The group took a more active approach in early 2012, and had a petition for “The Jungle Movie” created.  Within one short year the petition received over fifteen thousand signatures.  The fans rejoiced upon reaching their goal, and began the work of extracting the electronic petition to submit for your consideration.

Due to complications, the group was unable to receive a direct download of the electronic petition.  In response, the group was resourceful and used other means to retrieve the information, and was able to submit these fifteen thousand names for the cause.  The copy of the petition submitting to you was also edited for an easier reading format.  The original petition can be found at this url:…

The petition is not under the control of the group administrators, which is why they created a new petition lobbying for thirty-thousand signatures.  The group will continue striving toward its goals with vigor and professionalism.

The group greatly appreciates you taking the time to acknowledge our achievement, and hope that the overwhelming continued interest in the Hey Arnold! show will encourage your considerations on having The Jungle Movie green-lighted.

Thank you,
Operation Ruthless (Opruth)
The Save the Jungle Movie Group

Our Facebook:…

So here are the pictures of yesterday's event! The petition was 1229 pages, it weight a ton. Poor Alice and I couldn't carry it so far without our backs hurting lol.  Plus the cover letter, the 14 pie charts (11 INTERNATIONAL/ 3 The USA), and the 4 fanart pictures which we included. (I am the person wearing the blue Hey Arnold shirt.)

It took 2 hours and a half to finish printing all of the petition, the guy at the desk had to come over four times to refill the paper. (This petition took four stacks of paper) and after we sent it and everything was done for the day, Alice and I headed to get some long needed sushi and spent the whole night on skype with our Hey Arnold family. Best day ever) The package will be shipped there in three to four business days from now. Also we set it up where someone has to sign the package before actually getting it, to make sure someone got it.

Here are the Pie Charts we printed out. (Before you ask because I got a lot of people asking, yes I created the pie charts on Excel, these are the first time I've ever made pie charts in my life. These show every single person who has signed the petition. we had :iconrebeccaartheart: :iconpatsuko:  :iconjiffyfrose:  :iconelectric-amethyst:  :icongenaminna: :iconkaterinehowardrose:  and :iconyoureverydaymia: to look over the petition and make sure we got everything counted and there were no mess ups.

Those are the people I am the most amazed and proud of, they did their all and even spent some nights not sleeping just to get this done.



And what you all have been waiting for, here are the pictures of the petition!

 This is :iconyoureverydaymia:

This is :iconkaterinehowardrose:

Now let me tell you about this guy right here. He was the man who was a nice sport about giving us paper everytime we ran out. When he found out what we were doing he started talking to us about the show. Apparently he's a huge fan but didn't even know about the jungle movie or the fact that the show was incomplete. He told us that he admired what we were doing and even made some Hey Arnold jokes with us. He could NOT stop smiling when we told him about the petition and Nick. So as a joke he said "Oh, so why not take a picture of me holding the petition like "OH yeaaa support the jungle movie! we're doing it!" Alice laughed and I was like "Why not? I got a camera, you got a smile, let's do this!" He was even more happy and excited to do it and told him to tag him on facebook. XD It was such a cool experience. Everyone on Facebook now dubs him as " a young Harvey: the mailman" ha ha.


Yes I am covering up the credit card number LOL but anyway this is JUST for the shipping! I'm posting this so no one can say "OMG THIS IS TOTALLY FAKE! THEY DIDN'T SEND IT" LMAO. Yes it's sent, hopefully we'll heard back from them. Here's hoping guys!

But if you haven't already please sign the 30k petition, we already told them in our cover letter that we won't stop fighting and we were serious about it. I think next time when we ask for donations, we'll ask for more then we did because we actually went over our budget but no worries, our wonderful team was able to pull through!


Get your friends and family to sign it!

Also thank the Opruth Team (Past / Present) for every single thing they've done:

:iconrebeccaartheart::iconpatsuko::iconjiffyfrose::iconelectric-amethyst::icongenaminna: :iconkaterinehowardrose: :iconwidowmura: :iconcriminyy::iconkasukapl::iconajanae79::iconbunny7433::iconbaconnomnom::iconhandymarco2010::iconhebofreire::iconloredanne::iconrei-hikaru::iconcsmitten:
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Welcome to Football-Head-Fandom! A group dedicated to Arnold, the main character of the awesome show Hey Arnold. Read the list of FHF rules and then become a member or contributor.

1. Mature content is allowed. Upload mature fan-art to these and only these collections/folders: Arnold X Helga fan-art, Gerald X Phoebe fan-art, featured. Slightly mature fanfic will be allowed in Fanfic, Essays, Tumblrs, etc. Mature tumblr pictures/quotes are also allowed. Mature pictures are allowed in the features, and Gerald X Phoebe collections in favourites. I made the Gerald X Phoebe collection in the favourites area on accident so upload those pictures there. (good news I finally made a Gerald X Phoebe folder for the Gallery and I renamed the one in favourites to: Gerald X Phoebe favourites!)

2. Only upload the right fan-art to the right collection. Ex. don't upload an Arnold X Helga picture to HA Stamps. Arnold X Helga and Gerald X Phoebe pictures are allowed in featured in both the gallery and favourites, though. If there is a stamp having to do with Arnold X Helga upload it in that collection.

3. Make sure to label a mature work of art mature, otherwise I may delete it.

5. The most important rule. Have fun and don't let others judge your artwork!









these are all the related groups! Well, a few are only related due to being on Nickelodeon as well.

Weekly Message

This week's message: 165 members and counting. Huh.

Current Group status: Eh.

Random Member of the week: See the message for the Featured Gallery Contributor.

Featured Gallery Contributor: Will update within a time period of over 9,000 years. I promise.

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